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Academic Suspension

Academic Notice

If you are a first time in college student (FTIC) and earn less than a 2.0 grade point average in the first long semester (fall or spring) enrollment at the University of Houston you will be placed on academic notice and must be advised by the Academic Advising Center of the Undergraduate Scholars and your major department.

Academic Probation

If your cumulative UH GPA falls below a 2.0 (and you are not a FTIC) any time during your academic career you will be placed on academic probation.

While your cumulative UH GPA is below 2.0 you will remain on probation and you must continue to earn a semester GPA of at least 2.0 to avoid being placed on academic suspension.

Academic Suspension

If you are on academic probation and your semester GPA is below 2.0 you will then be placed on academic suspension.

You cannot enroll in classes at the University of Houston while you are on academic suspension.

  • For the first suspension, you must sit out one semester before applying for readmission.
  • For a second suspension, you must sit out 1 full year (12 months) before applying for readmission.
  • For a third suspension, you will not be readmitted to UH.

What to do while on academic suspension

  • Carefully consider the circumstances that led to your academic suspension and determine what you can do to change those circumstances.
  • Evaluate if the major you are pursuing is a good fit with your interests and abilities.
  • You may take classes at a community college however strong performance in those classes does not guarantee readmission to the University of Houston.
  • Work on study and time management skills.

Applying for readmission from suspension

All students on academic suspension are required to re-apply as a former student.

The College of Technology will review applications from students on suspension with majors in Technology as well as from students interested in changing to a College of Technology major. However, students from majors outside Technology should demonstrate in their application a genuine interest and potential to succeed in their intended College of Technology major.

In addition to the ApplyTexas application, students are required to submit a readmission petition to the Office of Admissions with a completed In-Progress Grade Report Form if you are currently enrolled at another institution.

Readmission from suspension is neither automatic nor guaranteed. The College of Technology's readmission committee meets prior to each fall and spring semester to review petitions for readmission. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your petition for readmission demonstrates your readiness to resume your studies at the University of Houston.

  • Complete the application and turn in all requested materials. It is your responsibility as a student to attach ALL required documentation to the readmission petition package. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Your complete application will be forwarded to the readmission review committee.
  • The committee likes to see that a student is well prepared to return to school. As part of the readmission packet you will prepare a typed personal statement. Make sure that your statement is clear, well written and free of misspellings and grammatical errors. The statement should answer the following questions:
    • What factors contributed to your poor academic performance?
    • How have these factors been resolved? In what ways are you more prepared to be successful in school at this time?
    • What activities have you engaged in since your suspension that relate to your preparation and readiness to return?
  • Turn the packet in by the deadline. DO NOT BE LATE. The readmission committee strictly enforces deadlines.
  • Deadlines for readmission packets are:
    • Fall: June 1
    • Spring: November 1
  • The Office of Student Affairs will mail a letter to you regarding the outcome of the review process. Please do not call for information. We cannot provide information or updates on the review committee's decision over the phone.