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Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development


Successful organizations understand the need to maximize all of their resources—physical, financial, information and human. When employees perform better, companies perform better. Human Resource Development (HRD) professionals help organizations maximize their human capital through training and organization development initiatives.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development is focused on developing professionals who assess, design, develop and evaluate workforce training and development for global organizations. Our graduates are current leaders in workforce training, career management, and organizational development professions that help organizations leverage intellectual capital toward performance.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum integrates knowledge from learning and organizational theory, and allows students to specialize in related areas of global business, retailing, and technology. Our flexible curriculum also allows for a seamless transfer of prior coursework from two and four-year colleges.

Professionals are prepared to work in a wide range of industries including energy, transportation, healthcare, retail, and education. Representative job titles include training specialist, training manager, instructional designer, human resources manager, organizational development manager, training facilitator, and human resource development consultant.