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Professional & Certificate Programs

The College of Technology offers several programs for upgrading your skills and qualifications in professional fields. These programs draw from faculty within the College and University as well as experts from outside who have both the experience and the certifications to help you advance in your field.

Please click one of the headers below to see a complete listing of professional programs and certificate courses offered in that area:

Network Training Courses

The University of Houston premier mobile networking technology training program is designed to equip participants with the skills, confidence, and credibility needed to plan, design, operate, and manage today’s advanced telecommunications networking and service environments.


Become an Expert

With comprehensive AWS Cloud Computing Architecture training offered by UH, you will build unmatched technical expertise and advanced skills that improve your knowledge, arm you with the latest best practices; and, prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) exam.


Certificate in Construction Management

This certificate is designed to meet the needs of industry professionals interested in gaining skills to enhance their career and is suitable for architects, engineers, law graduates, business majors, and other disciplines related to the construction industry.

Graduate Certificate in Foresight

Courses in the certificate are the same as those offered within the Master’s degree in Foresight. Courses are offered online and face-to-face and the student simply takes four core courses. Upon completion, students are issued a certificate.

Professional Certificate in Foresight

A 5-day, project-based, face-to-face workshop. Participants learn to anticipate disruptive change and work towards the creation of transformational change, in order to influence the future of their organizations, companies and communities. Participants will receive a professional certificate and four (4) CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the University of Houston for attending the seminar.

Lean Six Sigma Overviews

These courses cover basic introductions to Lean Six Sigma tools and terminology within the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodology, and it is geared toward orienting those at all levels of the organization to this approach so they can effectively support Lean Six Sigma efforts within the organization.

Yellow Belt Training

This training covers an introduction to the terminology, tools, and methods of the Lean Six Sigma methodology for front-line staff/supervisors that will support improvement projects in your organization (not necessarily a pre-requisite for Green Belt level training).

Green Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and terminology and provides the necessary tools for completion of your Green Belt certification project. This course uses a combination of hands on activities, lab exercises, presentations and lectures to provide a strong foundation.

Black Belt Training

As a Black Belt candidate, you will be trained to identify opportunities for improvement within your organization, use Lean Six Sigma methodology, and apply the correct tools and techniques to a Lean Six Sigma project.

Healthcare Focused Lean Six Sigma Training

This training is geared toward healthcare professionals through our partnership with the UT Health-School of Public Health. In this course, our online, Green Belt level training, which is provided to participants through a learning management system, is paired with face-to-face sessions lead by healthcare practitioners that are highly trained and experienced in using Lean Six Sigma in healthcare settings.

Lean Six Sigma Project Support

Projects are a valuable component of any organization's Lean Six Sigma journey. Maybe your organization has invested in training or you simply have several opportunities for improvement that need to be addressed. Either way, our Lean Six Sigma program's project support initiatives can help you obtain a significant return on investment for your time spent on problem solving efforts.

Advanced International Logistics Certificate

The Advanced International Logistics Certificate (AILC) is a Suite of 12 Courses designed for both experienced professionals, and for young professionals seeking to expand their career in transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The training consists of three certificates that can be taken separately or combined:

  • Certificate Level 1: Fundamentals in Logistics and Supply Chain Certificate (16 Hours)
  • Certificate Level 2: International Transportation Certificate (24 Hours)
  • Certificate Level 1 + 2: Advanced International Logistics Certificate (40 Hours)

Advanced International Maritime business Certificate

This training course offers a multi-dimensional overview of the maritime industry, which represents over 80% of global transportation. Participants will be exposed to this leading global industry, consisting of 100,000 seaports, thousands of terminals, 60,000 ocean-going vessels, and 40,000 inland waterway/ short-sea vessels! This is a suite of 12 Units designed for both experienced professionals, and for young professionals seeking to boost their maritime career.

  • Certificate Level 1: Fundamentals in Maritime Business (5 Units)
  • Certificate Level 2: International Shipping Certificate (4 Units)
  • Certificate Level 3: Advanced Ship Management Certificate (3 Units)

Piping Technology Courses

The University of Houston College of Technology in partnership with Piping Technology & Products, Inc. is pleased to offer the online, self-paced piping technology courses shown below.

Expansion Joint Design & Application

This class covers the following topics: Expansion joint design, the different types of expansion joints, metallic bellows vs. fabric bellows, fabric expansion joint design, expansion joint stress analysis, equilibrium and anchor forces, field services and detailed info on the manufacturing plant where our expansion joints are created.

Piping Design & Analysis Influence on Pipe Support Selection & Design

This class covers the following topics: piping design, the effects on overall configuration on preliminary piping design, initial layout, the total system, introduction to pipe stress analysis, detailed piping design, and how all of this influences pipe support and pipe hanger design.

Certificate Project Management

An intensive, week-long course designed to help project managers and team leaders successfully plan and control a project, while coordinating their efforts to ensure workflow stability. Upon completion, students receive a Project Management Certificate.

PMP Certification Exam Preparation

An intensive course, offered in either a three- or four-day format, that provides a mental model for organizing and recalling information from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide®. This comprehensive course will give you the educational knowledge needed to pass the PMP Exam.

Traditional Graduate-Level Course Program

Two standard, 15-week college semester format courses, taught one night a week, that are designed to provide the participant with a professional overview of contemporary, high-level technology project management.

These five undergraduate certificate programs offer professional advancement and/or academic foundation for transition to the bachelor's degree. Each certificate includes 5 semester-long courses.