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Consulting and Technical Support

High-performance computers have grown increasingly complex over the past few decades, creating a high barrier to entry for many researchers. The RCDC scientific computing group provides one-on-one consulting, training, and technical user support in the areas of scripting, code porting, optimization, parallelization, and more. Users interested in specialized support or consultation should consult the HPE DSI staff page to see whether a computational scientist who specializes in their field is available.

User support is available by filling out the online ticket form.  You may also consult RCDCs online User Guide. One can also request for an in person meeting via the online ticket form.

Our offices are located in Suite 205 on the second floor of the Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering Building (MREB). The space was opened to the public at the beginning of 2017 to offer in-person consultation and support to researchers.  We also have 2 training rooms with Linux workstations available for researcher use that provide direct access to RCDC software, storage, and compute nodes. Working from these machines is similar to working directly on RCDC high-performance clusters.

If you wish to request individual consulting on topics specific to your project (e.g. code optimization, data organization, software selection, etc.) please create a support ticket and select “Consultation”.