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Faculty Experts - Detail

Simas , Elizabeth

Associate Professor

College: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Department: Political Science


Phone: 713-743-9962


American politics, Electoral behavior, Political psychology, campaign strategy, Gender Stereotypes in Campaigns, Party Platforms, Perceptions of Presidential Candidates


Dr. Elizabeth Simas is a assistant professor of political science. She can share perspective regarding voting, American electoral behavior, with a special interest in Congressional elections. Dr. Simas has researched how party platforms link to perceptions of presidential candidates' policy positions. She has also studied the question of how gender stereotypes affect the way electoral candidate's campaign. This research included data of 265 political candidates across seven states, and analyzed whether there is any gender bias within their campaign strategy. Simas' research has been published in journals such as Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Politics, and the American Journal of Political Science.

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