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Kennedy, Ryan

Associate Professor

College: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Department: Political Science


Phone: 713-743-1663


political science; international politics; energy politics; democratization; supranational identity; authoritarian regimes; anti-terrorism national policy


Ryan Kennedy is an assistant professor in the University of Houston (UH) College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Department of Political Science. He is also a research associate at the University of Houston?s Center for Public Policy and a contributing analyst for Oxford Analytica. Kennedy?s current work encompasses a number of areas in comparative and international politics. His research focuses on energy politics; democratization and authoritarian regimes and supranational identity. He can also provide commentary on national policy in response to terrorism. Kennedy has written two book chapters on Moldova?s reaction to the ?color revolutions? in Georgia; Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan; and on the effects of Chinese investment in Kazakhstan?s oil markets. He also regularly writes analyses on Moldovan politics and the Transnistria conflict for Oxford Analytica. Kennedy?s research has appeared in several top peer-reviewed journals; including: The American Political Science Review; The Journal of Politics; International Studies Quarterly and Europe-Asia Studies; Foreign Policy Analysis. In 2011; he received the Heinz I. Eulau Award from the American Political Science Association for a journal article he co-wrote. In 2005; he was awarded a Fulbright research fellowship for his work on identity in Moldova.

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