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Valier, Helen

Instructional Assistant Professor, Coordinator, The Medicine and Society Program at Houston

College: Honors College

Center or Program: The Medicine and Society Program at Houston


Phone: 713-743-9021


medicine; health; cancer; epidemiology; public health; policy; ethics; social sciences; behavioral sciences; disease; developing world; Honors College


Helen Valier is an instructional assistant professor at the University of Houston (UH) Honors College and coordinator of The Medicine and Society Program. Valier can provide background briefings on the 1918 flu pandemic and the 1976 swine flu outbreak in the United States. Valier?s teaching and research interests fall broadly within western and colonial/postcolonial medicine and technology from late 19th to late 20th centuries. Valier teaches in the human situation sequence of The Honors College and in the UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Department of History. Her current book project is a USA-U.K. comparison of cancer research and treatment policy since 1945; the research for which makes extensive use of archives in the Houston area. About the Medicine and Society Program Established in 2005; The Medicine and Society Program promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of health and health care through academic courses; research; fieldwork (including domestic travel and study abroad); student internships; scholarly and public conferences; visiting speakers and an electronic portal with online information and materials. Affiliated faculty from the University of Houston; the University of Texas Health Science Center; local research hospitals and other health care institutions regularly participate in these activities. Based in The Honors College; The Medicine and Society minor is open to students throughout the university.

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