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Health Care Under the Obama Plan

President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to make health insurance affordable and accessible to all. With 46 million people having no coverage, thatís no easy task. Seth Chandler, co-director of the UH Law Centerís Health Law & Policy Institute, specializes in insurance law and related fields, such as economic analysis of law. Reach him at 713-743-2123 or Search for UH faculty experts.

Richard Bond Takes New Approach to Treating Asthma

Richard Bond

Richard Bond, associate professor of pharmacology at UH, pictured in his lab with tools he's used in research that takes a new approach to treating asthma by using a concept called "paradoxical pharmacology."

Photo by Thomas Shea



Asthma Models

These slides show obvious reduction of airway irritation using Bond's new proposed approach to the treatment of asthma. The top left slide shows the airway of a normal mouse, the top right is that of a mouse exhibiting some features of asthma, the bottom left is an asthma mouse model treated with albuterol (a drug currently used for asthma that is a beta-stimulant), and the bottom right is the same asthma model mouse treated with the beta-blocker nadolol. These slides were recently published in the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, accompanying an article on Bond's research.

High-resolution photos are available by contacting Lisa Merkl at or 713-743-8192.

Slide Photos Courtesy of Richard Bond