Fugu - University of Houston
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Note: If creating a new secure connection, follow the steps below. If modifying an existing connection to make it secure, select the existing connection and only make the changes necessary to make your connection match the examples below.

  • In the Connect to: field, enter sftp-web.uh.edu.
  • In the Username: field, enter your_username.
  • In the Port: field, enter 22.
  • Click Connect.

Fugu  Configuration - A

  • If prompted about the authenticity of the host, make sure the host name shown is sftp-web.uh.edu .
  • Click Continue.

Host  Confirmation Dialog Box - Fugo - B

  • When prompted, enter your password.
  • Click Authenticate.

Host  Confirmation Dialog Box - Fugo - C


1. Error
Can't connect, getting the message "Permission denied. Try again."

Make sure you used the correct password. Check for errors in spelling and special characters. Fix any errors and try again.