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Internet Service Provider (ISP) Date of Pledge Service Area Notes
ACIRA – Powered by Farmers Mutual Telephone Company & Federated Telephone 03/13/2020
Alaska Communications 03/13/2020 Alaska home internet
Allstream Business US 03/13/2020 Washington, Utah, limited in 10 additional states
AlticeUSA 03/13/2020 NY, NJ, CT, PA Optimum (cable internet)
Antietam Broadband 03/13/2020 Maryland Community WiFi Hotspot Locater
AT&T 03/12/2020

Some mobile service available in: 50 States, DC, USVI and Puerto Rico
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Home internet products
Atlantic Broadband 03/13/2020
BBT 03/13/2020
BOYCOM Vision Missouri Provides video service in rural portions of Butler, Wayne, Stoddard, Carter and Ripley counties in southeast Missouri
Burlington Telecom 03/13/2020 Vermont
Cable One/Sparklight 03/13/2020 19 States; most coverage in ID, MS, TX
Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative 03/13/2020 Arkansas
Century Link 03/16/2020 Most states, select counties
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some rural availability
Charter - Spectrum 03/13/2020 42 States WiFi, home internet
Charter Supporting Schools & Communities

Cincinnati Bell 03/13/2020 Ohio, Kentucky

Citizens Connected 03/13/2020 Wisconsin
Comcast/Xfinity 03/12/2020 National Internet Essentials
Information: Two Months' High Speed Internet for Free
Consolidated Communications 03/13/2020 21 States
Cox Communication 03/14/2020 19 States
Digital West 03/13/2020 Califronia Central Coast available to small businesses, multi-location companies, apartment complexes and municipalities
East Ascension Telephone Company 03/13/2020 Louisiana
Education Networks of America 03/13/2020
Emery Telecom, Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative 03/13/2020 UT (Emery), AL (Farmers)
ENA 03/13/2020 education, library, healthcare, and government
FirstLight 03/13/2020 ME, NY, NH, DE, VT
Frontier 03/13/2020
Google Fiber 03/17/2020 18 U.S. Cities
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For more questions, feel free to reach out to
Grande Communications 03/13/2020
Granite Telecommunications 03/13/2020
Great Plains Communications 03/13/2020 Nebraska
GWI 03/13/2020 Maine
GWI, Hiawatha Broadband 03/13/2020
Hill Country 03/13/2020 Texas
IdeaTek Telcom 03/13/2020 Kansas
Inteliquent 03/13/2020
Lafourche Telephone Company 03/13/2020
Lakeland Communications 03/13/2020 Wisconson
Long Lines Broadband 03/13/2020 Iowa
Mammoth Networks/Visionary Broadband 03/13/2020 Colorado, Washington, Wyoming
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Mediacom Communications 03/13/2020 22 States
MetTel 03/13/2020
Nex-Tech 03/13/2020 Kansas, Nebraska
Ninestar Connect 03/13/2020 Indiana
Northwest Fiber 03/13/2020 Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana
Orbitel Communications 03/13/2020 Arizona
Pioneer Communications 03/13/2020 Kansas
Premier Communications 03/13/2020
Range Telephone Cooperative 03/13/2020 Montana, Wyoming
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RCN 03/13/2020 Boston, Chicago, DC Metro
Reserve Telephone Company 03/13/2020 Louisiana
Sacred Wind Communications 03/13/2020 New Mexico
Shawnee Communications 03/13/2020 Illinois
Socket Telecom 03/13/2020 Missouri
Sonic 03/13/2020 California
Sprint 03/18/2020 National
Starry 03/13/2020 Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Denver, Los Angeles
T-Mobile 03/13/2020 National
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TDS Telecom 03/13/2020 National
TelNet Worldwide 03/13/2020 Michigan
TracFone Wireless 03/13/2020 National
Uniti Fiber 03/13/2020 Primarily LA, AL, MS, FL
US Cellular 03/13/2020 National
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UTOPIA Fiber 03/13/2020 Utah
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Vast Broadband 03/13/2020 MN & SD
Verizon 03/13/2020 National
Vyve Broadband Investments 03/13/2020 10 States: Oklahoma, Wyoming, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Gerogia, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado
Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom 03/13/2020 Vermont
Wave Broadband 03/13/2020 California, Oregon, Washington
West Telecom Services 03/13/2020
Windstream 03/13/2020 18 States: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas
ZenFi Networks 03/13/2020 NYC & NJ Metro Area