The Indian Students Association is a non profit student organization.
This is our humble attempt to unify all Indians on this campus no
matter what their background, and to bring back the sense of pride and
heritage that ones feels when he/she hears the word India. We are a team
of enthusiastic and dedicated students. Our Mission at ISA is to
provide a platform to all students to share, experience, and spread the
profound joy of our rich Indian cultural heritage, with pride and

We are one of the strongest and fastest growing desi student
organizations on campus. We have already set a standard of excellence
since we reinitiated the organization in 2007. We assure that our future events will only
set the standards higher! We hope that you too will become part of ISA
and experience the excitement it has to offer!

ISA holds many event throughout the year. We hold bake sales, member socials, banquets, blood drives and much more. We volunteer with the senior citizen society in Houston and sponsor education for
underprivileged children in India as a way to give back to the
community. We conclude each year with our talent show, Nasha, that attracts over 1000 performers and audience members from all over the state of Texas. ISA will continue to grow with the support of our University of Houston campus and community, and we look forward to sharing our culture with all of our future members and supporters.


Please click ---> HERE <--- to view the ISA constitution.


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