Engines of Our Ingenuity


All images provided by Gann's daughter, Polly Gann Wrench.

Gann in the Air Transport Command
Gann as a member of the Air Transport Command, during WW-II.

Gann as an American Airlines Captain
Portrait of Gann taken in the brief period during which he flew as a Captain with Matson Airlines.

Gann on ship rigging
Gann in the rigging of his brigantine, Albatros. His daughter quotes him as follows: You live with a ship a few years and cuss her enough and all of a sudden one day you wake up and discover you're in love.

Gann in a Great Lakes Trainer
Gann in a Great Lakes Trainer, biplane, when he was 25.

Gann painting
A Gann painting titled First Bite shows a primitive Airco DH-2 which was used by the British early in WW-I. It is shown under attack by an unseen enemy. The diagonal line represents a stream of tracer bullets.

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