Episodes 3150 to 3199

No. 3199: Direct Current makes Its Presence Known
No. 3198: Subatomic Particles
No. 3197: Sharing Computers
No. 3196: Flannery O'Connor
No. 3195: The Converging Literacies of the Digital Age
No. 3194: The Ongoing Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
No. 3193: Purple Men: The History of the Color Purple
No. 3192: Behind the Scenes at The Engines of Our Ingenuity
No. 3191: Friedrich Fröbel and Kindergarten
No. 3190: Victorian Supernatural Science
No. 3189: The Price of Holding On
No. 3188: Julia Child
No. 3187: Raspberry Pi
No. 3186: Marveling at the Impossibilities That Surround Us
No. 3185: The Inefficiencies of Hummingbirds
No. 3184: The Knots of Peter Guthrie Tait
No. 3183: Mary Golda Ross Rises
No. 3182: Looking at Magical Shapes
No. 3181: Internet Explorer Falls
No. 3180: Netscape
No. 3179: Pierre Wantzel
No. 3178: Samuel Kier
No. 3177: Venetian Flood Control
No. 3176: Graph Theory
No. 3175: Reprogramming the Brain
No. 3174: Engineering Diapers
No. 3173: Saint Anselm of Canterbury
No. 3172: Dozenels
No. 3171: Dave Thomas
No. 3170: Rosalind Franklin
No. 3169: Percy Bridgman and Meaningless Questions
No. 3168: Condorcet
No. 3167: Animal Navigation
No. 3166: Spoonerisms
No. 3165: Serendipity
No. 3164: Fanfare
No. 3163: Questioning The Speed Of Light
No. 3162: Charge With My Jacket
No. 3161: Is Your Red My Red?
No. 3160: Angela Merici
No. 3159: A Strange Thing About Spatial Dimensions
No. 3158: Controlled Avalanches
No. 3157: Martin Luther King Jr.
No. 3156: Revisiting H.L. Menken
No. 3155: Wrinkle Free Cotton
No. 3154: Non-Constructive Proofs
No. 3153: How the Brain Sees
No. 3152: Elisha Perkins
No. 3151: Descartes
No. 3150: Officiating Technology