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The Cullen College of Engineering has developed a flexible Graduate Certificate in Engineering Data Science.


The Graduate Certificate is a five-course program which combines the basic data science knowledge gained via courses in Computer Science and Mathematics with discipline-specific engineering courses.


The Certificate program is suitable for graduate students in various engineering departments, and also for industry practitioners who would like to obtain some knowledge and proficiency in this exciting new field.


Students pursuing an MS or PhD degree have already been admitted to UH and they will be enrolled in the Certificate program simply upon request. Applications from prospective students interested in the Certificate only, without a further advanced degree, will be evaluated by the Data Science Institute. Admissions will be regulated by existing university rules as detailed in the Graduate Catalog. Specifically, “applicants for admission to the Certificate program must meet the same admissions standards and requirements as other applicants for graduate study, with the exception of officially reported standardized exam scores (e.g., GRE, GMAT).” Certificate only students will not be required to take the GRE.


If you are currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a MS or PhD program at the University of Houston, please register for the program using our application form.

The application process for non-UH students is still under devleopment but will become available soon.


Three of the five courses constituting the program are foundational data science courses and are common for students of all engineering departments. The three data-science foundational courses are to be chosen from the two groups shown in the following table. A minimum of one course must be taken from each group.

Group A Group B

MATH 6382 or MATH 6383 Probability and Statistics
MATH 6358 Linear Models & Applications
MATH 6380 Multivariate Analysis
(to be offered in Spring 2019 as MATH 6397 – Selected Topics in Math)

COSC 6335 Data Mining
COSC 6380 Digital Image Processing
COSC 6339 Big Data Analytics
COSC 6336 Natural Language Processing

Additional courses deemed suitable by the Mathematics and Computer Science Departments may be added once they have been approved.

The remaining two courses are to be chosen from the data-science oriented courses offered by the various departments of the College. One of these latter two courses may be project-oriented or consist of an internship in a Houston area company supervised by a UH faculty member. Every department of the Cullen College already offers courses with significant and suitable data science content. Here is a list of Data Science courses currently offered in the Cullen College of Engineering.

Spring 2019 Courses

The courses eligible for the Certificate program offered in the Spring of 2019 are:
  • MATH 6397 - Multivariate Analysis TTH, 2:30pm-4pm (Syllabus)
  • MATH 6383 - Probability Statistics TTH, 4pm-5:30pm
  • COSC 6397 - Selected Topics in Computer Science: Introduction to Data Mining and Machine Learning MW, 1pm-2:30pm (Syllabus)
  • COSC 6380 - Digital Image processing TTH, 11:30pm-1pm (waitlist)
  • ENGI 6397 - Selected Topics: Data Science Projects TH, 2:30pm-5:30pm (Syllabus)

Note that, while these courses are offered in the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics, they are not intended for students who have majored in these fields. They are suitable for students in Engineering, the Natural Sciences and other quantitative fields.