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UH 1st Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Completed

Members of the campus community have completed the first ever Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) course on the University of Houston campus. The University of Houston, after completing this course, became the third university in Texas to gain certification. Individuals representing the campus and a few individuals from off campus met for four weeks seeking certification as CERT members. UH has 15 members forming the 1st campus community response team ready to support the university.

The training gives citizens the opportunity to obtain skills to assist with emergency situations either on or off campus. Below is a brief overview of the fundamentals that the CERT members received during training to support the campus:

The Fundamentals of Emergency Management Training Curriculum include:

This unit addresses a variety of disaster situations that might threaten our community. In addition, each participant learns what they can do to mitigate the effects of disasters and learn more about personal safety and secondary hazards which present themselves when emergencies or disasters occur.

Basic Fire Suppression
This unit addresses the basic use of fire extinguishers, personal safety, fire prevention for the home and workplace and an overview of the Fire Department and its resources.
In addition, this unit provides an orientation to hazardous materials. This basic knowledge enables the CERT team members to recognize and identify a hazardous material threat and how to properly notify authorities.

Disaster Medical
Part I of Disaster Medical Operations includes an introduction to disaster medical situations. It includes recognizing and treating life-threatening conditions, triage, and practical applications for disaster.

Part II of Disaster Medical Operations concentrates on the organization of disaster medical operations. Participants learn how to conduct head-to-toe patient assessments and also establish treatment areas. CERT members also learn public health considerations and apply their newly learned disaster medical knowledge and skills in a practical scenario.

Light Search and Rescue
This unit includes aspects of search and rescue planning, size-up, and operations.

Team Organization and Psychology
The CERT program includes the spontaneous organization of CERT and disaster decision-making. Members learn about disaster psychology and how these traumatic events can affect victims and rescuers including CERT members. In conclusion, this unit addresses CERT and its relationship to the incident management system.

This unit is a basic overview on terrorism.

Graduation and Exercise
The hands-on "disaster" exercise puts newly learned CERT skills to the test. Certification from the Harris County Office of Emergency Management and the National CERT Program are earned by the UH members.

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