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Who we are: Facilities Planning and Construction Planning Department

Role of Planning Department

The Planning Department�s role in FP&C is to perform preliminary planning and programming services for new construction and renovation projects including client contact, consultant coordination, professional services contract administration, and presentations. This function is necessary to provide safe, efficient facilities that comply with codes/regulations/standards, that are attractive, that adhere to the design guidelines, and are economical to construct, operate and maintain. We preliminarily define a capital improvement project�s scope, budget and schedule properly in order for the FP&C project management team to efficiently design and construct the projects.

Processes of Planning Department
The Planning Department receives requests to prepare preliminary planning/programming studies for capital improvement projects from university user groups. Following concept approval by Academic Operations/Planning, the project control budget is prepared to accomplish a planning study and report. Once administrative approval/funding is approved, the facilities program is prepared developing a project scope, budget and schedule. Approvals are requested from the Campus Facilities Planning Committee, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the UH Board of Regents. The project design and construction phases are then delivered by the FP&C project management team with continuing coordination by the Planning Department.

Role Outside FP&C
One Planning Department role is to coordinate the FP&C project planning effort with campus capital improvement planning, real estate services development planning, and utility infrastructure planning efforts. The Department also assists the facility user groups in defining their needs, and in identifying the facilities condition assessments, in order to provide real criteria for better decision making in the facilities capital improvement process. In our ongoing program to improve and expand the facilities we have the responsibility for preparation and maintenance of facilities design and construction standards and specifications.

Christa Rieck, Senior Facilities Planner
Assist in preliminary capital project planning and programming, assist in procuring and qualifying construction and design consulting teams. As a Registered Interior Designer she supports FPC Project Managers on projects with planning, budgeting, and procuring furniture and equipment on capital projects and developments Design Standards for finishes and equipment for the UH Main Campus.

Jeanne LaMontagne, Assistant Director
Assists in preliminary capital project planning and programming, assists in procuring and qualifying construction and design consulting teams, oversees consultants� preliminary design and planning work, coordinates ongoing refinement of design standards and technical specifications, and provides support to campus improvements advocates seeking Campus Facilities Planning Committee approval.

Mike Yancey, Director
Directs the Planning Department�s team effort to fulfill the roles and accomplish the processes of the Department.