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Performance Communication and Development (PCD)
Due to Human Resources May 15th

The University of Houston�s Performance Communication and Development Program is an integral component in the journey to Tier One. The success of the University depends in part on the staff member�s success through their job competencies: professional expertise, innovation, communication and cultural awareness. Continued success requires effective and interactive performance dialogues between staff and supervisors that identify goals, initiatives, professional development, results, accountability and mutual respect.

The PCD process is a shared responsibility that allows the staff and supervisors to make some choices about the format that best suits their work styles and personalities. The most important elements of the program are:

� Opportunity for open year-round dialogue centered on shared expectations
� Alignment of goals and measurable outcomes
� Development of continuous performance improvement strategies
� Identification of training and development opportunities for career growth
� Recognition of the contribution and value to the organization and the university
� Shared responsibility for success

The performance ratings system includes four rating options outlined below. It is important to accurately rate performance based on shared information between the supervisor and employee. Each employee and supervisor should have a shared understanding of the job expectations, predetermined goals and measurable outcomes determined at the outset of this performance period. An annual performance evaluation rating should not be determined by one action or event. The rating should not reflect a short period of exceptional or poor performance, but rather the sustained performance level during the majority of the performance period. Most employees will fall within one of the �Meets Expectations� categories.

Exceeds Expectations
Consistently exceeds departmental performance to a degree that is obvious to supervisor, customers and peers. Consistently excels in demonstrating the knowledge, skills and abilities that result in the effective performance of the position requirements. Consistently serves as a role model to others. Truly outstanding level of contribution (well beyond position requirements) during the entire performance period. PCD Addendum form is required for all employees that �Exceed Expectations�.

Fully Meets Expectations
Meets established departmental performance expectations. Demonstrates the knowledge, skills and abilities that result in the effective performance of the position required. Meets deadlines. Frequently exceeds in one or more established job expectations.

Generally Meets Expectations
Generally meets established departmental performance expectations. Demonstrates the knowledge, skills and abilities that result in the effective performance of the position required. Occasionally may exceed expectations of the position.

Needs Improvement
Does not meet departmental performance expectations on a consistent basis. Does not consistently demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. Meets some of the minimum position requirements. Performance may be uneven or inconsistent, and must be improved. Immediate and sustained improvement is needed. A performance improvement plan is required.

Note: Employees that did not complete the required mandatory training by the deadline (January 31, 2009) did not meet the minimum job expectations and will not be eligible for merit in accordance with SAM 02.A.11.

Human Resources is committed to ensuring leaders are satisfactorily trained to utilize the PCD. Contact your HR Generalist for questions about the PCD process or to schedule training for your area. Please visit the HR website for more information and to download the PCD forms.