Leadership events provide valuable experience for students

As the new editor in chief of the Daily Cougar, Channler Hill will be leading a team of student journalists with one goal in mind � cover the people and events at the University of Houston in a timely and accurate manner.

That�s a lot of responsibility, but Hill knows one key will be to ask for help when she needs it.

�Often times as a leader you have the mindset that you don�t need help and that people should be asking for your assistance,� she said. �But being a leader is about not being afraid to say, �I don�t know what I�m doing� when you come across a particular issue that is not in your field of expertise.�

That approach was one of the key points she learned during the recent Executive Leadership Retreat for student leaders. More than 60 students from UH took part in the retreat, which was kicked off by the fifth annual Student Leadership Forum.

The forum, held in the multipurpose room at Oberholtzer Hall, was organized by the divisions of Administration & Finance and Student Affairs. It included presentations by division leaders on the history of UH, the campus master plan, the budget process and the vision for student success.

�The Student Leadership Forum is really an opportunity for you to seek and get information from the university about its history, how it is structured, and most importantly, how you all fit into the call to make UH a more student success-oriented campus,� Keith Kowalka, assistant vice president for Student Affairs-Student Life, told the group.

The forum was created five years ago to educate student leaders on how to work with campus administration, as well as be a tool for sharing ideas and plans with them.
Hill has some advice for students contemplating taking part in the leadership activities next year.

�It will change your life in ways you can�t imagine until you attend,� she said.