Facilities Management technicians tackle rewiring project to prevent hot/cold calls

Facilities Management is continuously working to provide a reliable and quality learning and working environment for students, faculty and staff by identifying, repairing, replacing and maintaining equipment that has an impact on university facility operations and maintenance.

Technicians recently rewired and reworked a Building Automation System control panel on the second floor of the Science and Engineering Research Center building that had been the cause of numerous temperature issues.

The "before" photo shows what the university technicians found when they opened the control panel. Multiple renovation projects by different contractors had created a tangle of unlabeled and intertwined wires, exposed and frayed wire ends, discarded wire connectors, various plastic components and wires that seemingly were not connected to anything.  In this state, it takes a technician an unnecessary amount of time to make an assessment, determine what goes where and what needs to be repaired, exacerbating the problem.

The "after" photo shows the outcome of the rewiring project.

"The way the original 120-volt power was installed into the panel caused power outages on the low-voltage, 24-volt control system.  The wiring has been reworked to correct the problems inherently associated with the original wiring configuration," explained Facilities Management Assistant Director Michael Burriello.