Food trucks continue to have a home at UH

Local food trucks will continue to be an important component of the dining services program during the spring semester at the University of Houston.

When the University Center food court was closed for a year-long building transformation project in 2012, the university invited local food trucks to campus. The trucks not only satisfied a service need for food around the UC, but they also added to the diversity of food options already on campus.

"This program has been so well received by the campus that the use of these local food trucks will be an ongoing component of the university's dining services program,"said Esmeralda Valdez, executive director of Auxiliary Services.

Even though food truck pad No. 1 on the southwest side of the University Center is now closed because of construction work, pad No. 2, located behind Cemo Hall near the University Classroom and Business Building, Calhoun Lofts and the engineering buildings will be open for business on the first day of classes.

Preparation for food truck pad No. 3, which will be located by the Science Building, is underway with an expected opening date at the end of February.

 "We are pleased that the campus has embraced the food trucks. The UH community's patronage of these small businesses tells us that food trucks will have a home on our campus,"Valdez said.

The food trucks will be on a rotation throughout the semester. For more information on campus dining hours, meal plans and the university's food service program, visit