Students now have four additional bicycle racks outside of Cougar Village for securing their bicycles. Parking and Transportation Services installed the racks last week in order to address an increase in the number of bicycles on campus. The four new racks will accommodate approximately 50 additional bicycles.

�The additional bike racks were installed to accommodate the growing number of students, especially the residents at Cougar Village, who use bikes to get around campus,� said Eric Holamon, Customer Service Manager for Parking and Transportation Services. �As the number of students choosing to live on campus has grown, we�ve seen a shift in students bringing bikes, instead of cars, to campus. I think having a comprehensive set of transportation options, including our partnership with METRO and our Hertz on Demand program, allows students the option to use a bike instead of always being dependent on a car, and we will continue to help promote this method of green commuting.�

The additional racks were placed adjacent to the bridge connecting Cougar Village and Moody Towers. Students are advised to refrain from attaching bicycles to the bridge and should utilize the new racks.

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