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As the UH Policies and Procedures World Turns � By Popular Request

After several excellent suggestions from various Policies and Procedures users, the SAM and MAPP approval tables now include an Approved Date column. This innovation started with the Fourth Quarter, Fiscal Year 2010, and will continue in the future. Please see these links to the SAM and MAPP Approved Tables for the 4th Quarter, FY 2010:


If you have any additional suggestions and feedback, please e-mail Peggy Levy, Policies and Procedures Coordinator, at, or call 713-743-6885.

Stay tuned - the Policies and Procedures world is turning � and changing for the better!

January 2011 News: The UH Policies and Procedures website is undergoing a facelift to better serve all users and visitors. Revision logs will be added to all SAMs and MAPPs to better track changes for each document. And more news you can use �