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GREEN HINTS: December 2009

Holiday season gift wrapping

More than 160 square miles of wrapping paper will end up in American garbage bins this holiday season. That is enough wrapping paper to easily cover one of the major US cities like Atlanta. As the holiday season approaches it is important for us to be mindful of the 3Rs of sustainability as we think about gift wrappings:

Reduce: Reduce the use of gift wraps wherever possible. Consider wrapping gifts with comic strips, old maps, unwanted posters, unwanted calendars, pages from glossy magazines - or even spare pieces of fabric.

Reuse: We need to get over the notion of appearing �too CHEAP�. Instead we should use this opportunity to be a �Green Hero or a leader� by reusing gift wraps and especially gift bags that are in perfectly good condition. Do not tear the wrapping paper, but carefully unwrap it and re-use it later. Consider using strings instead of tape, so that paper can be easily reused.

Recycle: If you had to use a gift wrap and for some reason cannot save it for future reuse, make sure it can be recycled after its intended use.*

* Check with your local authorities if and where you can recycle wrapping paper.

Contributed by: Sameer Kapileshwari
Director � Utility Services
Energy Conservation and Sustainability Director