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Important changes made to tobacco use certification for ERS members
Beginning Sept. 1, ERS members who do not certify their tobacco-use status will be charged a monthly tobacco user premium � even if they don�t use tobacco.

Under the new policy, ERS members must certify that they and their dependents do or do not use tobacco, or be charged a premium of $30 each (up to $90 per household per month). Members will have until Aug. 31 to certify and avoid incurring the additional premium for non-certification. The new policy is based on legislation passed in the recent session.

The following chart provides an overview of who will pay an additional $30 premium each month (up to $90 per household). Please note that only adults who fail to certify will be charged the additional premium; those under 18 who are not certified will not be charged. Certified tobacco users of any age �adults and minors � will be charged.

ERS understands this is a significant change and will be notifying members in annual enrollment materials, at annual enrollment fairs and in News About Your Benefits about the need to certify, the possible additional premium, and how to certify themselves and their dependents.
Please make this certification online at www.ERS.State.Tx.Us (click on �Tobacco User Certification�) then save your selection(s).

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