UHPD Patch Collection Received Special Honors

This week at the Police Department, Lt. Richard Storemski was honored for the donation of patches to a university artwork piece. A decade ago, members of the Art Department heard about his grand collection. Not long thereafter, Storemski was contacted by the Art Department in hopes that he would provide some patches for an artist working on a new piece for the university. Her artwork was to be titled �NEMO�. In 2002 �NEMO�, was commissioned and placed on permanent display at the Department of Public Safety.

Several weeks ago, select pieces of �NEMO� needed to be moved due to changes in the building layout. This movement gave Chief of Police Ceaser Moore Jr. the opportunity to properly thank Lieutenant Storemski for his amazing collection.

Assistant Chief of Police Brad Wigtil presented Storemski with a plaque thanking him for his contributions and dedication to the police department. For almost 30 years, Lieutenant Storemski has collected the patches that are on display today. Wigtil stated that �Lieutenant Storemski�s contributions to the patch collection are indicative of his dedication to the University of Houston.� While collecting among police officers and departments is common, having a collection of this magnitude is amazing. The collection includes federal, state, local and even international law enforcement agencies from across the world.

The University of Houston Police Department is deeply appreciative of Storemski�s contribution of the patches that will be enjoyed by all current and future members of the police department for decades to come.