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Payment Types & Refunds

Types of Payment Accepted

All machines have dollar bill acceptors that will accept $1 bill. Select snack machines have special dollar bill acceptors will accept $5 bill and return change in $1 bills. Additionally, select beverage, snack and fresh food vending machines have E-Port devices that accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Cards for purchases.

Vending Refund Policy

Vending Refund Form

To request a refund, please present in person to the Auxiliary Services Office in Calhoun Lofts (Suite 103) location within 5 business days of your stated date of loss.

Vending Refund Locations:

  • File a written request for a refund in the Auxiliary Services Office Suite 103, located in Calhoun Lofts.
    Requires proper ID (Valid Cougar Card, ID or Driver’s License)

You will be asked to complete the Vending Refund Request Form. Proper identification is required. See Refund Policy below for more details.

Vending Refund Policy

Auxiliary Services manages the contracts for Coca-Cola and Canteen.

It is our policy that:

  • Any refund request submitted may be subject to review at our discretion. Refund reviews will be conducted by the vending contractor and the outcome referred to Auxiliary Services for a final decision.
  • Refund requests may be submitted for up to but no later than 5 days past the stated date of loss.
  • Each item must be submitted on a single vending refund request form form, no bundling of claims for multiple days will be honored at any of the vending refund locations.
  • All required fields of information on the vending refund request from must be completed or the refund will not be referred for review. (Outlet number, machine type, etc.)
  • Barring unforeseen circumstances, refund decisions should be made available within 1-4 business days past the completion date of the form.
  • Proof of identification (i.e. a UH identification card or other form of recognized picture identification such as a Driver's License or Passport) will be required to submit a refund request.