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Guide to Drug Information Resources
at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy Library

Compiled by Derral Parkin

This guide discusses some of the more commonly used pharmacy reference books and the types of information found in them. The Alphabetical List of Resources listed are all located at the Pharmacy Library, Room 133 of the Science & Research II building. Since these sources are reference books, they are not available for check-out but can be freely used on library premises.
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Check out the handy Drug Information Chart at the end of this guide. It allows you to select the type of drug information needed and then directs you to best sources for the answer.

Aphabetical List of Resources
AMA Drug Evaluations. RefDesk RM 300 .A553
The American Medical Association's evaluation of the most commonly prescribed drugs. Arrangement is by drug category, e.g. anticonvulsant, etc. Extensive bibliographies are provided at the end of each chapter. Some investigative drugs are included. Has a good section on "orphan drugs." INFORMATION: Chemical structure, tables for comparison, manufactures addresses, adverse reactions, extensive discussions, dosage, uses, preparations, pharmacokinetics.

American Drug Index. Ref Desk RS 355 .A48
Provides information on over 16,000 pharmaceuticals currently approved by the FDA. Lists both prescription and over the counter products. Arrangement is by trade name, chemical name, or other related synonyms. INFORMATION: Generic name, chemical name, manufacturer, dosage, therapeutic use, manufactures addresses.

American Hospital Formulary Service: Drug Information. Annual with Supplements 1959 to the present. Ref Desk RS 125 .A56 [Also available on Drug Information computer CD at RefDesk]
A major source of detailed drug information presented similarly to that in the Physician's Desk Reference, but with more extensive coverage. Arrangement is by major class of drug category, e.g. Antihistamines, etc., with an index by generic and trade name. INFORMATION: Chemical structure, dosage & administration, mechanism of action, uses, adverse effects, preparations, cautions.

Clin-Alert. RefDesk RM 103.C55
An alerting service that gives recent case studies involving complications from prescribed medications. No index to current issues but a cumulative index is provided at the end of the year. INFORMATION: case studies, contraindications, generic name, references, trade name, legal aspect (if applicable)

Drug Facts and Comparison. Ref Desk RM300 .F33
Comprehensive listing of current U.S. drug products. Some over the counter drugs are included. Each chapter covers a category of drug e.g. blood modifiers, diuretics, etc. Many table of comparison are provided along with a good comprehensive index by trade or generic name. Includes sections on vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Also includes a list of manufactures/distributors addresses and phone numbers. INFORMATION: Administration and dosage, precautions, adverse reactions, drug interactions, overdose symptoms, metabolism/excretion, warnings, manufactures addresses.

Drug Interactions (Stockley) Ref Desk RM 302 .S76
A source book of adverse interactions, their mechanisms, clinical importance and management. Each chapter discusses broad categories such as "anticonvulsant drug interactions", "beta-blocker drug interactions." An extensive list of references is provided at the end of each chapter. INFORMATION: Generic name, trade name, side effects, adverse reactions, interactions, case studies, references, therapeutic

Drug Topics Red Book. Annual. Ref Desk HD 9666.1 .D75
Provides information on both prescription and over the counter drugs. Arrangement is alphabetical by drug product. Provides a wealth of information including wholesale price, national drug code number, poison control centers, drug information centers, a table for pharmacy calculations, drug/food interactions, a list of state boards of pharmacy, list of national and state pharmacy organizations, a list of accredited schools of pharmacy, and a drug manufactures directory. INFORMATION: chemical formula, generic name, identification, manufacturer, price

Evaluations of Drug Interactions RefDesk RM 302.E94
Contains a full page of information on each drug covering mechanism, related drugs, recommendations. A list of references is provided at the end of each listing. INFORMATION: drug interaction, references, therapeutic use, generic name

Food and Drug Administration. (Looseleaf Format) RefDesk KF3871.O72
Covers FDA regulations and guidelines and also hearings, product liability, import/export, recalls, and food safety. INFORMATION: legal aspects. See Also the full-text database: Food & Drug Library available at the RefDesk.

Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. Ref Desk RM 300 .P513
A major multi-authored work that provides detailed information on drugs and their actions. Each chapter deals with a separate category of drugs such as "hypnotics and sedatives." A comprehensive list of references is provided at the end of each chapter.

Handbook of Injectable Drugs. RefDesk RM 143.T74 [Also available on Drug Information computer CD at RefDesk]
Contains information on all commercially available injectable drugs plus investigative drugs. INFORMATION: dosage, manufacture, stability, strength, references, compatibility data

Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs. (OTC Handbook) Ref Desk RM 671 .A1H34
The most widely used source for over-the-counter drug products. Provides many tables for comparison, along with extensive references at the end of each chapter. A good index is provided that includes specific drug names, both trade and generic, along with subjects such as "burns", "dandruff products", etc. INFORMATION: Extensive discussion on pathological conditions, causes, suggested treatments, and patient information. Tables of drug product comparison listing dosage manufacturer and ingredients.

Martindale The Extra Pharmacopeia. Ref Desk RS 141.3 M4 [Also available on Micromedex computer CD at RefDesk]
Perhaps the best source on foreign drugs and their equivalents. Intended to provide concise information on properties, actions, and uses of drugs and medicines. Extensive references are provided, along with notations on case studies. INFORMATION: Trade name, generic name, molecular weight, molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, adverse effects, uses, pharmacokinetics, proprietary names, toxicity, names and addresses of manufactures.

Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs and Biologicals. Ref Desk RS 51 .M4
An excellent single-volume encyclopedia offering comprehensive coverage of chemicals and their derivatives. Arrangement is alphabetical by common, chemical, or generic name. A separate section on organic-named reactions is provided, along with a number of miscellaneous tables. INFORMATION: Chemical name, common name, generic name, physical data, therapeutic use, chemical structure, uses, percent composition.

Nonprescription Products: Formulations & Features. RefDesk RM 671.A1H344
A companion volume to Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs. Arranged by type of product category. INFORMATION: Table of data listing dosage form, supplier and ingredients.

Pharmacy Law Digest (loose leaf) Ref Desk KF2915.P4K322
An excellent source that provides full text of federal laws pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry. Divided into the following areas, controlled substances, drug control law, pharmacy inspection, civil liability, business law, and court cases. Also includes a listing of all State Boards of Pharmacy. INFORMATION: Legal Aspect

PDR Generics. RefDesk RS55.2P3
Complete prescribing and pricing information on nearly 40,000 medications, both brand and generic. Good source in determining whether a generic brand is available. INFORMATION: Manufacturer, generic name, trade name, cautions, dosage & form, adverse effects, warnings, product identification, pharmacokinetics, price.

Physicians' Desk Reference. Ref Desk RS 75 .P5 (Commonly referred to as the PDR)
A compilation of approved labeling information provided by manufactures of prescription drugs. Contents are arranged alphabetically by Manufacture, then alphabetically by trade name. INFORMATION: Manufacturer, generic name, trade name, cautions, dosage & form, adverse effects, warnings, product identification, pharmacokinetics.

Physicians' Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs. Ref Desk RM 671 .A1P48
Scope and information is similar to the Physicians Desk Reference but of Nonprescription drugs. INFORMATION: Manufacturer, generic name, trade name, cautions, dosage & form, overdose information, warnings, ingredients, interactions, product identification.

Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences. Ref Desk RS 91 .R4
Encyclopedic treatment of all aspects of pharmacy. Everything from pharmacy careers to specific drug information. Extensive bibliographies are provided at the end of each chapter. INFORMATION: Chemical structure, chemical formula, CAS Registry Number, manufacturer, uses, dosage, solubility, pharmacokinetics.

USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names. RefDesk RS55.U54
An alphabetical listing of all U.S. Adopted drug names along with cross references and complete physical nomenclatures. A separate list by "pharmacological Activity" category. Cumulative list of orphan products & approvals and a separate list by CAS Registry Number. INFORMATION: chemical formula, chemical structure, generic name, manufacturer, CAS number, trade name.

U.S. Pharmacopeia/National Formulary. Ref Desk RS141.2 U48
These two works, now bound as a single source, are the legally recognized compendia of standards for drug strength, quality, purity, packaging, labeling, and storage for most U.S. drugs. Arrangement is alphabetical by generic drug name. INFORMATION: Chemical formula, chemical structure, molecular weight, CA registry number, preparation, therapeutic use.

Unlisted Drugs. Ref Desk RS 1 .U552
A monthly journal that identifies and describes newly-reported drug compounds and products which are not widely known by standardize names. Several bound indexes provide cumulative access from 1949 to 1. INFORMATION: Adopted (generic) name, molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS registry number, trade name, chemical structure, manufacturer, therapeutic category.

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