John Laurens Dey

John Laurens Dey was born about 1680 in Staten Island, New York. He was the son of Hans Laurentszen Duyts and Sara Hance Vincent Fontaine. John Dey Sr. died before 8 March 1750/1751 in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey (Machaponix?). He married Anne **** (Brown?) who was born before 1700 in New York. Her parents are not known. Anne died about Dec 1763 in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

[From a letter written by J. Warren Dey in 1902 to E.M. Dye - sent to me by Tom Robertshaw]

In Dye Data, volume 3, maps of the land ownership around Old Church Farm were presented. [Several of these images are large so the download time may be extensive on a slow modem] The veracity of these interesting pieces of history is being investigated at this time.

From Regina Berry: "Will of John Dey; New Jersey Colonial Archives ; will dated 1 October 1750, proved 8 March 1750/1. Names wife Anne ___ (Brown?) and children :

  1. John Dey married Mary Applegate (there is some disagreement as to the name of John's wife). - born on Staten Island, New York in 1711 and he died in Monmouth County, New Jersey in 1772

  2. Anne Dey was born in 1715 on Staten Island, Nework and died in 1792 in NJ. Married Lawrence (Laurens) Dey who was born around 1700 in New Jersey and died after 1750 in New Jersey. His mother was Margaret Dey and his father was James Hance Dey. Anne and Lawrence were effectively first cousins. He was the son of John Dey's half-brother Jeams Dey. They had 8 children. A Lawrence Dye (Dey?) served in the New Jersey Militia during the Revolutionary War.

  3. William Dey was born in 1718 on Staten Island, Richmond County, New York and died in 1784 in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey. . Married Margaret Salter (her parents are not known). William and Margaret had at least 12 children and William, John, and Kenneth moved to Mason County, Kentucky by ____?

  4. James Dey - born in 1720 in Staten Island (?), New York, and died in 1764 in New Jersey. Married Sarah Leach. Their son Andrew Dye migrated to Miami County, Ohio around 1770.

  5. David Dye - born in 1725 in Middlesex County, NJ and died in 1776 in New Jersey. Married Hannah Disbrow. [Sarah Applegate, sister of Mary Applegate had married her cousin Anthony Applegate. His mother was Hannah Disbrow. Was David's wife related?]

  6. Vincent Dye - born in 1726 in Middlesex, County, New Jersey and died on August 4, 1796 in Prince William County, Virginia. Married Sarah Artepe on September 1, 1746 in Middlesex County, New Jersey. She was born on January 9, 1727 in Somerset, New Jersey and died on October 2, 1797 in Prince William, Virginia. He was Ezekiel Dye's uncle. Prince William Co. VA wills, vol H pg 166 - dated January 6 1796, proved April 4, 1796 - names wife Sarah, three youngest sons: Dusoway, Joseph & William; other sons: Daniel, John, Vincent, Enoch, Brown, David and Reuben. Five daughters: Eunice, Rachel, Sarah, Nancy and Caty.

    "Vincent and his family moved to Prince William County, Virginia around 1782 as he appears on a tax list for that year." Did he follow his nephew John Dye, son of Johh Dey, who moved to Prince William County around 1776? Vincent Dye appears on the Prince William County, Virginia, Personal Property Tax 1787 - List "A" (Arnold Hovey - 2/10/98). Vincent and Sarah had 14-15 children:

  7. Joseph Dey - born about 1728 in Middlesex Co., NJ and died in 1805 in NJ. Married (1) Margaret and (2) Martha Wiley.

  8. K(C)atherine Dye - born in 1730 in Middlesex Co., NJ and died (unmarried?) in 1750 in NJ. Or, she may have been the Catherine Dye who married the much younger (14 years?) William Covenhoven.

John Laurens Dey appears to have moved from Saten Island, New York to Middlesex County, New Jersey (red dot on the map to the right) between 1711 and 1715.

Will of John Laurens Dye

The family record has not been found, therefore the will is the authority as to who were the children of John and Anne Dey or Dye. The loss of church Records during the War of the Revolution is regretted by all students of family (sic) history. The Bible of Lawrence Dey is extant and gives his wife's age, or birth, Feb. 2, 1715. And William Dyes Bible is also in possession of his descendants, which gives his birth as July 6, 1718. All efforts on part of the writer hereof [J. Warren Dey] to unearth the records of other members of this family have failed.

The desendants of three sons of William are to be found in Mason Co., Kentucky, in different counties of Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Texas, also in Oklahoma.

Johns descendants are to be found in Ohio, Illinois and other states.

James' descendants, which have been identified, are to be found in Penn., Ohio, Indiana, and other Western country, but as yet the descendants of but two sons of james have been identified, viz; Andrew and Benjamin, the later being identified within the past year (1904).

At the date of the codicil to will of James Dye, son of John Laurens Dey, all his children were under twenty one years of age. The codicil is dated Dec. 13, 1763. The two claims referring to the share of a deceased son or daughter are identical and as follows:

[J. Warren Dey then describes where the various documents noted above could be located.

The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Dec 1957, Vol 45 No 4. pg 130-131, summary mentions many 'possible' and 'may be' connections between Dey/Dye families on Staten Island and in NJ. It is often cited as the source for the maiden name Brown, although it mentions this only as a possibility.

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