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Orlando: How Can Allies Help?

Don’t be silent.

Check in with your LGBTQ friends and ask how they are doing. Many are heartbroken and feel abandoned by their employers, coworkers, friends, neighbors, and families who remain silent and appear to go on with life as if nothing happened.

This was horrible. I feel so bad for the victims and the whole LGBTQ community.
How are you doing?
Is there anything I can do for you?
I will sit here and grieve with you.
I want you to know you are not alone.
I love you for who you are and I stand by you.


The best thing that someone can do to be supportive is to listen. Check in and listen.

Don’t erase the experiences of LGBTQ people by saying this could happen to anyone, or start talking about your own oppression. We can’t handle it right now.

Learn and Teach

Learn that hate speech fosters a culture of hate and violence against marginalized people. “That’s so gay” and the like pave the path for these extreme actions.

Interrupt LGBTQ phobia EVERY time you see it. It makes a difference.

Speak Up

Be louder. Just because you're not a part of the community doesn't mean you shouldn't be outraged and vocal about your outrage.

Contact your political leaders. You know what to say.

Change your profile pic on Facebook. Demonstrate your support. (But, know that is not enough.)

Also remember, it’s important for students to know you are supportive.

Understand Intersectionality

The Latinx (the gender inclusive term used instead of Latino) community is also deeply affected by this tragedy.

Don’t turn against another marginalized group. We are all affected by LGBTQ phobia and we can’t fight oppression with oppression.

Here are a few links that provide additional insight - socially, psychologically, and politically.

To My Heterosexual Friends: This is Why Orlando Hurts

8 Ways Allies Can Show Up for the Queer Community After Orlando

From LGBT People to Straight Allies: Here’s How to Talk About Orlando…/lgbt-guide-straight-people-orlan…/

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