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Daily Cougar Web Site
Daily Mail Operations (Printing and Postal)
Dean of Students' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Defining and Modifying Chartfield 1 Values
Definition of a Specialized Service Facility (SSF)
Delegation of Cost Center Manager Verification Responsibilities (Memo)
Delegation of Signature Authority (Plant Operations)
Deleting Reports in PeopleSoft
Deleting Run Control IDs
Deleting Vouchers
Dental Clinic at UH Main Campus Web Site
DEPTID_ROLLUP Tree Reports Information
Department Address or Name Change Request Form (Printing and Postal)
New Department Address Change Request Form (Printing and Postal)
Department Hiring Process Checklist [Human Resources]
Department Hiring Process Compliance Checklist (Human Resources)
Department ID Code Procedures (Creating/Modifying) [Human Resources]
Department Mail Card Information (Printing and Postal)
Department Mail Card (DMC) Request Form (Printing and Postal)
Department Move and PeopleSoft Updates (Printing and Postal)
Department of Athletics Web Site
Department of Public Safety (DPS) Guide to Campus Safety
Department of Public Safety (DPS) Emergency Quick Reference
Department of Public Safety Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Department of Public Safety Web Site
Department Verification Report (1074) Worksheet Instructions
Departmental Petty Cash/Change Fund Guidelines
Departmental Review Form By UH Internal Audit
Departmental Runner Permit Information [$50/year] (Parking and Transportation)
Deposit Procedures (Desk Guide)
Digital Signage Instructions
Digital Signage Management
Digital Signage Web Site
Digital Signatures/Signature Approval Guidelines
Distance Education Web Site
Designation of Property Custodian Form (PRP-6A)
Dining Services The Fresh Fork Web Site
Dining Services Web Site
Disabled Parking Policy (CSD)
Discount Software Web Site
Document Imaging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Driver Fleet Card Application (Finance)
Driver Fleet Card Guidelines (Finance)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy (Human Resources)
DS Waters Order Information
DS Waters Program