Victorian and Second Empire

1848 - 1870
Russell, Douglas Costume History and Style; Chapter 18 pp.308-326

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Gone with the Wind
Part I 1_clip_01_lan.rm 1_clip_02_lan.rm 1_clip_03_lan.rm 1_clip_04_lan.rm 1_clip_05_lan.rm

Gone with the Wind
Part II 2_clip_01_lan.rm 2_clip_02_lan.rm 2_clip_03_lan.rm 2_clip_04_lan.rm 2_clip_05_lan.rm 2_clip_06_lan.rm

Washington Square (1999) sqaure_1997_clip01.rm sqaure_1997_clip02.rm sqaure_1997_clip03.rm sqaure_1997_clip04.rm sqaure_1997_clip05.rm