Agriculture and Modern Technology: A Defense

By Thomas R. DeGregori

Publication Date: June 2001
320 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover,
ISBN 8-8138-0342-X, $54.95


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Agriculture and Modern Technology challenges many current beliefs about agricultural technology and invites readers to examine the facts and common perceptions.  In this thought-provoking work, Thomas DeGregori presents many of the revolutionary technological advances in the past century, especially those in agriculture. He then debunks common conventional wisdom that claims these advances are harmful rather than helpful to humanity. For instance, the use of chemicals, including DDT and other pesticides, are often maligned as damaging to the environment and the quality of life. Dr. DeGregori counters this argument with documentation that demonstrates how use of these chemicals has actually increased life span.  Bound to be controversial, Agriculture and Modern Technology will spark debate. Academics, students, those employed in agriculture and related industries and agencies, as well as an informed public, will find Dr. DeGregori's alternate views well founded and fascinating.

About the Author: Thomas DeGregori is a professor of economics at the University of Houston; Houston, Texas, and author of several books. His fields of specialties are economic development, technology, science in economic development, and African, Asian, and Caribbean economic development.

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Agriculture and Modern Technology: A Defense
by Thomas R. Degregori

Our Price: $54.95
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Category: Science

Hardcover - 320 pages 1 Ed edition (June 1, 2001)
Iowa State University Press; ISBN: 081380342X


Agriculture and Modern Technology: A Defense
Thomas R. DeGregori

Our Price: $54.95

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Format: Hardcover, 320pp.
ISBN: 081380342X
Publisher: Iowa State University Press
Pub. Date: June 2001
Edition Desc: 1 ED
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Agriculture & Modern Technology : A Defense
Thomas R. DeGregori

ISBN: 081380342X
Iowa State University Press
320 pages

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