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Refereed Journal Articles

(The underlined authors are my productive graduate students of whom I am very proud)

1. Shu, Y., Feng, Q., Liu, H., Using Degradation-with-Jump Measures to Estimate Life Characteristics. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 191:1-11, November 2019.

2. Nooshin Yousefi, Coit, D.W., Song, S., Feng, Q., Optimization of On-condition Thresholds for a System of Degrading Components with Competing Dependent Failure Processes, Reliability Engineering and System Safety. (Available online June 18 2019)

3. Hu, L., Zhou, M., Xiang, F., Feng, Q., Modeling and Recognition of Steel-Plate Surface Defects Based on a New Backward Boosting Algorithm, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 94(9-12): 4317-4328, February 2018.

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Recent Refereed Conference Proceedings                                                                         

1. Shi, Y., Shu, Y. Feng, Q., Multi-dimensional Lévy Processes for Multiple Dependent Degradation Processes in Lifetime Analysis, Proceedings of Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, FL, May 19-23, 2018. (Finalist, DAIS Best Paper Competition)

2. Yin, S., Feng, Q., Liu, H., Laplace Expressions of Reliability Characteristics for Levy Subordinators-Based Degradation, Proceedings of Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Nashville, TN, May 30-June 2, 2015. (Runner-Up, QCRE Best Student Paper Competition)

3. Chatwattanasiri N, Coit, D., Feng, Q., Two-Stage Stochastic Algorithm for System Cost-Reliability and Maintenance Optimization Considering Uncertain Future Usage Scenarios, Proceedings of Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Montreal, Canada, May 31-June 3, 2014.


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