My research focus is driven by my deep interest in and challenge of unraveling the crustal architecture of orogenic systems.  Currently, my work involves developing tectonic reconstructions of the Himalayan-Tibet collision zone using a multidisciplinary approach.  The main goal of this research is to better understand the kinematic interaction of large strike-slip, normal, and thrust systems within this orogen.  My studies are firmly rooted in field mapping that focuses on the spatial and temporal distribution of deformation at regional scales.  This geologic framework forms the foundation for my synthesis and interpretation of structural and sedimentologic observations, trace-element geochemical and geochronologic data (U-Th-Pb, 40Ar/39Ar), and more recently, remotely sensed data.  Current and past research projects include: Magnitude of Mesozoic and Cenozoic shortening of southern Tibet; Timing of north-south extension at the crest of the High Himalaya in the Mt. Everest region; Timing and magnitude of slip on the Karakoram fault, southwest Tibet and far westerm Nepal; Structural and thermal evolution of the Gurla Mandhata metamorphic core complex, southwest Tibet; Exhumation  of blueschist rocks in northern Tibet and their implications on the deep structure; Recent slip on low-angle normal faults in Baja, California.