Research Interests
1. Nonlinear dynamics:

    Relativity and cosmology
    Symbolic dynamics
    Computability of deterministic chaos
    Fluid turbulence / hydrodynamics
    Stock market and Finance ( mainly experimental )

2. Other fields:

    Science wars (relativism, holism, postmodernism)
    Flow through porous media
    Phase slip and vortex dynamics
    Critical phenomena & renormalization group
    Experimental hydrodynamics (No glass doesn't spontaneously break when a theorist walks into a lab...)


"Chaos, Dynamics and Fractals: an algorithmic approach to deterministic chaos," Cambridge University Press (1993).

"Classical Mechanics: flows, transformation, integrability, and chaos", Cambridge University Press (1997).


Haakon Styri Award from the American-Scandinavian Foundation, for lecturing and research on chaos theory and turbulence in Norway (1985).

Board of Advisors
        Econophysics Forum

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