Personal Information

    Born                February 22nd, 1943

    Citizenship       U.S

    Education      Ph.D. 1972  Yale University (with Lars Onsager)
                          M.Ph. 1968  Yale University
                          M.S.   1967  Yale University
                          B.S     1965  University of Kentucky

    Meine Frau     Cornelia Kuffner

    Our sons         Hans/ Snorre
    My daughters   Chrissy



    Some Books

    Some Comments on Books
                          The Bell Jar
                          Claims to Fame
                          Pig Earth
                          To the wedding
                          Sex, Art and American Culture
                          Vamps and Tramps
                          The Stock market and Finance from a Physicist's viewpoint
                          More heat than light : Economics as Social Physics: Physics as Nature's Economics
                            The seven storey mountain

Physicist at work                                                                              Physicist observes agricultural economics

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