Earth -- An Introduction to Physical Geology

Prelude : And Just How Is This Going To Work?

    For some of you this may be your first opportunity to have Internet-based resources for a formal course. One thing we have learned about learning is that individuals differ as to how they learn. Some are most comfortable with a text and a formal lecture. Others prefer a more visual approach.

    Each Chapter Title is a link to a resource that I think is pertinent for the material that will be covered in the chapter. If you only look at one resource per chapter, this is the one that I would recommend.

    For each chapter you have the opportunity to view the power point presentations and hear the streaming audio files. You also can download the text of the power point presentations and use them to take notes if you are in the face-to-face section.

    For each chapter there are some class notes. These are what I have developed over the years and use as the basis for my lectures.

    For each chapter in the text there will be a page of links to selected resources that directly address topics and issues raised in the chapter.

    For some chapters there are many resources that could be listed but to do so would be a distraction. Therefore, I have exercised some judgment and limited these resources to 3 to 5 that we feel are pertinent. This is not to say that I have necessarily selected the best. In fact, I urge you to contact us with suggestions of resources that you have found to be particularly worthwhile.

    In addition to topical resources, there are some general resources that may help you with the course. These include:

    1. How to contact John Butler by e-mail. I will try and get back to you just as soon as I get your message ..... my e-mail is on probably 15 hours per day.

    2. How to contact the PhysicalButler listserv. This listserv is for students taking the OnLine Course who have been subscribed to this service.

    3. The web page for the course text. This is a pretty good resource and one that is being constantly upgraded by the publisher. Try it out.

    4. Glossary of Geologic Terms

      "We continuously upgrade this glossary by adding links to illustrations and descriptive text. Browse to see what has changed since your last visit."

    5. Search These Pages - This is a full text search of all of the pages dealing with this section of Physical Geology. Many topics are mentioned in more than one chapter and it is hard to remember where you read something. Try this feature and search for green house gasses

    6. Courses in Physical Geology

      More than 70 departments across the United States and Canada have developed Internet-based course resources for courses in Physical Geology. Feel free to visit these sites, read their materials and see if you can find something that will help you with a particular topic or concept.

    7. Resources

      There are thousands of resources on the Internet that you would wade through. These resources are periodically checked and new resouces are added on a regular basis.

    8. Grade Book - I keep current copies of the grade books at this site. Each student will use the last 4 digits of their SSN as their initial PIN number. If you prefer to pick another set of 4 digits please let me know and I will change your PIN number. Check this frequently. Make sure that I have given you the correct credit for an assignment.

    Links to these course resources will appear at the bottom of each chapter page so that you can locate them easily.

    A Virtual Field Trip is suggested for each chapter. These were selected to highlight some aspect of the chapter. These are not substitutes for looking at the Earth and its materials but many of these trips will be to places that you are unlikely to have an opportunity to visit on your own or as part of a tour.

    Learning about geology from a computer screen is only half as fun as enjoying it in the field!

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