Physical Geology - Student Survey #1

As we have discussed in class, I am interested in conducting a research project comparing different methods of teaching Physical Geology; specifically, to compare students participating in an on-line class to those enrolled in a traditional class. I will be using your responses to the questions below for education and publication purposes, however you will never be personally identified - your identity will remain anonymous. It should take approximately 10 minutes to respond to the questions. While there are no forseeable risks or benefits to you, this research may provide information to enhance the instruction of geology. If you have any questions, please contact me at(713) 743-3411 or

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I expect that there is a rather wide range in the backgrounds of this class. Therefore, I am asking you to spend a few minutes answering the following questions so that I can begin to see what review material may be required. You are on your honor to answer the questions without recourse to any other materials.

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  1. About how old is the Earth?

  2. About when did the dinosaurs become extinct?

  3. About when did life first appear on Earth?

  4. At any place in the northern hemisphere, the north-seaking end of a compass points:

  5. Global warming may be caused by:

  6. the viscosity of a liquid is a measure of its:

  7. The Earth is nearly spherical with an average radius of about:

  8. Approximatey ______ % of the surface of the Earth is covered with water?

  9. Heat flows from a body at a higher temperature into a body at a lower temperature.

    On the diagram above the solid lines define the temperature and pressure boundaries for water, ice, and vapor. All three of these phases have the same composition: H2O.

  10. At 100 oC and atmospheric pressure water boils ... liquid goes to vapor. Water will boil at a higher temperature if:

  11. Water freezes at 0oC at one atmosphere pressure. If the pressure increases, the freezing point:

  12. The Applachian Mountains are located:

  13. The Andes Mountains are located in:

  14. Which of these state is west of the Mississippi River?

  15. About 1 million years ago thick sheets of ice covered much of Canada and the northeastern part of the US. This event had little or no effect on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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