Fill-In-The Blanks for Earthquakes - Chapter 16

Position the cursor on the small box, click, type in your answer and push return. If you are correct, the answer is given in green. If you are wrong, the correct answer is given for you in red.

  1. The point on the surface of the Earth immediately above the focus is the ________ . .

  2. P waves travel with a _________ velocity than S waves. .

  3. The _____________ scale measures an earthquake's intensity based on the observed effects on people and structures. .

  4. Rock particles move __________ to the direction of wave travel when an S wave passes through the rock. .

  5. The shear modulus of a liquid is ________ .

  6. Who developed the procedure used to measure the amount of energy released by an earthquake? .

  7. The ______________ rebound theory describes the build up and release of stress during an earthquake.

  8. _________ faults are associated with the development of an active spreading center. .

  9. ____________ faults often offset segments of an active spreading center. .

  10. A major earthquake at _________ Missouri is the largest to have "hit" the United States .