Will of Ezekiel Dye

Dave Write sent me a copy of the will of Ezekiel Dye. Dave notes "The Will itself is dated merely A.D. 1830 - No month or day. The Will itself was produced in court for probate "July (can't read the day) 1830. "

I Ezekiel Dye of Morgan County, (can't read the township) State of Ohio, considering the uncertainity of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God the life he hath given, I do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament, in the manner following.

First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Sally all the Lands and tenaments which belong to me including the West side of the Creek with the mansion house and appertenances with all the household furniture with one half of the old orchard and full privilege of the garden, also one horse, and two cows while she remains my widow also six sheep. All of this I give and bequeath to my wife Sally, but if she remarries after my death she is to be cut off from her rights of dower except as follows. She shall have the horse, saddle and bridle with one bed and bedding and a third part of the kitchen furniture, one cow and six sheep. If my wife Sally remains a widow til her death the household goods left in her hands is to be equally divided between my daughters and sons. I also give unto my son, Joseph Dye ninety acres of land on the southwest side of my farm joining lands with Thomas Vincent Dye and Amos Dye to be laid off equal at each end and to run back to the West line of my land. I also give unto my son Lewis Dye thirty nine acres of land to be laid off South of my mansion house and north of Joseph Dye's so as to run paralell with Joseph Dye's from east to west and one hundred dollars in money, this with one colt I say I give to Lewis Dye. I also give unto my two sons James Dye and Firman Dye all the remainder of my mansion farm on which I now live. And not otherwise bequeathed , one hundred and fifteen acres and one half, more or less, after my death. James and Firman is to have a sufficient plow team with farming utensils sufficient to carry on the farm. I also give unto my son Joseph Dye my Waggon and clock, the ballance of my stock after my death, to be sold and equally divided between my two youngest daughters Lucinda and Charlotte, all the children I had by my first wife Betsey has been given property to the amount of what I considered to be their full share of my estate. I give to each one of them as follows. Thomas Dye one dollar, Ezekiel Dye one dollar, Vincent Dye one dollar. Wm Dye one dollar. John Dye one dollar, Amos Dye one dollar. Rebecca Sonnery? one dollar, Polly Devol one dollar, Sarah Reed one dollar, (A name that can't be read) and Betsey Marwell I give one dollar. Also it is my will that my clock shall remain in my house so long as my wife Sally lives in my house after my death, but if she removes from that, my clock is to fall into the hands of Joseph Dye.

Ezekiel Dye

Wm Rannells
David Green
Presley George

Sarah Dye
David Fulton
Wm Rannells

Charles Howard
Michael Kuntz
Philip Swank

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