Sarah Egbert Paul- Second Wife of Ezekiel Dye

Sara Egbert was born on May 5, 1783 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania (blue area on the map.) and died on July 19, 1844 in Renrock, Ohio. She was buried at the Old Renrock Cemetery.

Her father was William Egbert who was born on October 16, 1753 in Cranberry, New Jersey Recall that this where Exekiel Dye was born in 1751) and died in 1816 in Sandy Lake Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. He married Rebecca Job in 1775 in Shrewsberry, Monmouth, New Jersey. No information about her family is available.

The following text is taken from Jonathan Paul's notes. "From "Genealogical & personal history of Allegheny Valley, PA...," by John W. Jordan, copyright 1913: pg. 1127-Egbert the name dates in America from 1660 when Governor Egbert came from Holland on the ship "Spotted Cow" and settled in New Amsterdam. The family has spread to all parts of the America and in the line of William Egbert, particularly, has produced many men eminent in the medical profession. There is no evidence that Tunis Egbert, the ancestor of the Egbert line, was related to Gov. Egbert, but the supposition is that they were father and son (I).

  1. Tunis Egbert was born on July 9, 1662, Staten Island,Richmond,New York and died August 2, 1721, Staten Island,Richmond,New York. He bought land on Staten Island in 1698

  2. Abraham Egbert was born in 1695 in Staten Island,Richmond,New York and died in1723, Staten Island,Richmond,New York married Francyntje Parain (Perrine) in 1714. She was born in 1675 in Staten Island and died about 1730 in Staten Island. Her brother Henry Perrin died in Middlesex County, New Jersey in 1765.

  3. John Egbert, born April 10, 1720 Staten Island, settled near Cranberry, Monmouth (now Middlesex) Co, NJ , wife Margaret

  4. William Egbert, baptized 16 Oct 1753-Monmouth Co, New Jersey. One version (Jonathan Paul) states that William was a trooper in the Revolutionary War, sustained powder burns on his face and was permanently marked, migrated to western PA in 1800 and was the first white settler in that part of Mercer Co (now Sandy Lake Township), was a shoemaker & owned a tannery, married Rebecca Job, died 1816, children: Job (lived in Georgetown, Ohio), Sarah (b. 5 May1783), Clarissa, Charlotte, Ursula, Elizabeth, and Lewis."

No mention of a William Egbert is found in Stryker's "Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War". David Sparks notes that William was a farmer and a blacksmith. He married Rebecca Elizabeth Job in 1756. Her parents were George Job and Elizabeth James of Jobtown and South Amboy, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

"Along with a large number of other New Jersey citizens (was Ezekiel Dye one of them?) William Egbert and his family moved in 1796 to a new settlement on the Mononghelah River, which acquired the name "The Jersey Settlement" because of the large number of people from New Jersey who arrived there. It was later named Elizabeth, Pennsylvania (red on the map above. West Newton, home of Ezekiel Dye is a few miles to the southeast of Elizabeth.) William's deed for the property in Elizabeth is in the Quartermaster General Department, in Trenton and is dated 1793. [was he a veteran?] William and his family stayed at Elizabeth for only 5 years. In 1800 he bought land from the American Land Company in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, near a place called "The Perrine Settlement", later set out as Sandy Lake Township. The land was surveyed by Col. Samuel Dale, a retired officer of the Continental Army who helped the Revolutionary War veteran's acquire their land. William Egbert moved his family from Elizabeth to Mercer County in 1801. [Sarah would have been 18 years old at the time of his move] He remained there the rest of his life and died in 1840. He is buried in the Perrine Cemetery in Mercer County next to Rebecca who died in 1816.

William's son Daniel Egbert acquired another farm in Mercer County. Job Egbert married a widow, Elizabeth (Wall) Pangburn and moved to Brown County, Ohio near the village of Georgetown. [David Sparks believes that Dyes moved to Brown County to be near Job. There is a Dye Cemetery in Brown County, Ohio and the potential relationship is being researched.] William Egbert and Rebecca Job had 8 children:

  1. Daniel Egbert was born in 1777 in Heightstown, Middlesex County, New Jersey

  2. Job Egbert was born on December 17, 1778, in Middlesex County, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth (Wall) Pangburn on September 9, 1799 and they migrated to Brown County, Ohio sometime in the early 1800s.

  3. Sarah M. Egbert was born on May 25, 1783 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died on July 19, 1844 in Renrock, Ohio.

  4. Clarissia Egbert was born on September 5, 1788 in Middlezex County, New Jersey. She married Charles Shields and the lived in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

  5. Charlotte Egbert was born on December 9, 1790, in Middlesex County, New Jersey. She married Daniel Perrine on May 12, 1808 and she died on January 8, 1872 in Mercer County. She is buried in the Perrine Cemetery.

  6. Ursula Egbert was born on January 10, 1793 in Middlesex County, New Jersey.She married Enoch Perrine (brother of Danile Perrine) on December 3, 1812 and died on January 25, 1825. She is buried in the Perrine Cemetery in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. [In the notes on Ezekiel Dye, Virginia Barry relates that the Perrine Family had a similar story about an Anthony Applegate who was shot in his doorway during the Revolutionary War in Middlesex County, New Jersey. If the Applegate connection is correct then Ezekiel's maternal grandmother was a Perrine (married to Thomas Applegate III). There were Perrine's and Perrin's who lived in Perrineville, Monmouth County, New Jersey. This connection will be explored.]

  7. Elizabeth Egbert was born April 15, 1796, in Middlesex County, New Jersey and she married Nathaniel Hazen on March 20, 1817. She died on December 26, 1879, in Sharpsville, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

  8. Louis Egbert was born on May 17, 1798, in Old Elizabeth, Alleghany, Pennsylvania. He married Asenath Nixon on December 16, 1819 in Belaire, Ohio. He died on September 7, 1871.

Sarah M. Egbert married (1) Joseph Paul around 1800 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. He was born on January 8, 1777 in Virginia. He died on May 22, 1805 (killed by Indians?) in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. They had two children:

  1. Harriet Paul
  2. Jacob Paul

Additional information about Sarah and her children by Joseph Paul is given with that of her second husband, Ezekiel Dye