Ruben/Reuben Dye, Son of Vincent Dye

Ruben Dye - born 1759 (Dye Data) or 1765 in Middlesex County, New Jersey. He appears on Personal Property Tax list A in Virginia in 1787. He moved into the Wood County area (red dot on the map to the right) sometime between 1801 and before 1810. He died on May 3, 1828 in Wirt County, West Virginia and is buried in the Beaucamp Cemetery in Elizabeth, West Virginia. [Bill Reynolds -] Ruben would have Ezekiel Dye Sr's cousin.

[E. Cook ( provided the following information about Ruben Dye. "The following is taken from a book titled PIONEERS IN WOOD COUNTY, WV by John A. House 1936.

DYE FAMILY - Reuben Dye (Ruben Dye is the way the name usually appeared on earlier records) settled on a large land survey at or near the mouth of Burning Springs Run, several years before the organization of Wood County. He was a wealthy man - for that day - and had a number of slaves, as well as several sons, to clear and improve his lands. He appeares to have served in the war of 1812. At the time of his death (5-23-1828) or a little earlier, he provided his children with homes in the vicinity, and one son, Vincent Dye was married in 1809. Some of them may have been freeholders in 1800, but I have noted no evidence to that effect. (No Dyes appear on the 1801 Tax List in Wood County) Reuben Dye came from Prince William County, Virginia and he married May ____

A family tradition tells that the Dye family in America are all descended from two brothers who came across the ocean (presumably from England) some time back in Colonial days, but there is nothing to show what their names were or where they settled. That Reuben Dye was probably from Virginia is shown by his being a slave holder, and also by the fact that the Dyes of Washington County, Ohio, were related in some way to him. There was Samuel, who came from Fairfax County, Virginia, and settled on Cow Run, of the Little Muskingum, and his son, Samuel, who came from Bull Run, near Manassas, Virginia. -- ]"

Ruben and May had a number of children and there are conflicting reports as to how many and their names. The following was supplied by Mrs. Glenna Wilson.

  1. John Dye was a Doctor in Athens County, Ohio. He married Kitterah Cockrell

  2. William Dye

  3. Benjamin Dye was born in 1794 and appears in the 1820 Census in Wood County, West Virginia (??) and moved west. Married Sally Coza

  4. Vincent Dye born 1787 in Middlesex County, New Jersey - appears on the Wood County, West Virginia Census in 1810 and 1820. Married September 6, 1808 to Elizabeth Petty.

    1. Willliam Dye was born on May 8, 1809 and died in West Virginia and died on February 24, 1878. He never married. In 1870 he was living with Dusoway and Mary Dye (his nephew). He never married.

    2. Drusanna Dye was born on October 7, 1810 and married Daniel Ledsome on October 1, 1831
    3. Elijah P. Dye was born on January 26, 1813 and married Mahala Thorn.
    4. Delilah Dye was born on March 15, 1817 and married Benjamin F. Reynolds
    5. Jane (twin) Dye was born on January 23, 1819 and married Samuel Edwards
    6. Elizabeth (twin) Dye was born on January 23, 1819 and married Rev. Thomas Horner Cain

  5. Dennis J. (or I.) Dye was born in 1801/3 - Married Anna S. Web. He lived around Marion County, West Virginia. At least two of their sons, Benjamin and William, moved to Missouri and then to the Dallas, Texas area around 1850.

  6. Dusoway Dye was born in 1798 and appears in the1820 Census in Wood County, West Virginia (??). Married (1) Elizabeth Petty Dye (wife of Vincent Dye)

    1. Dusoway Dye married Mary Ann McKinley

      When Elizabeth Petty Dye died he married (2) Mary Elizabeth Board

    2. Priscillla Jane Dye married Daniel Ledsome
    3. Elizabeth Dye married Charles Wilkins
    4. Mary Jane Dye married William McCoy
    5. Susan Dye married Silas Doolittle
    6. Dusoway Dye married (1) Alice McCling and (2) Margaret Thorn
    7. William W. Dye married Nan Mayes
    8. Dennis married (1) Hilda Ott and (2) Mary Duke
    9. Harritta Dye married Perry Smith
    10. George Alexander Dye married Margaret Lousia Wyatt
    11. Henry Washington Dye married Ida Lee