Hans Laurentszen Duyts

Hans Laurentszen Duyts was born on September 23, 1644 in New Amsterdam, New York. He was the son of Laurens Duyts and Ytie Jansen. Hans died after 1708 Staten Island, Richmond County, New York.

His name appears on a tax list for Haarlem in 1667. In April 1667 he was fined 40 guilders due to his outspoken resistance to British occupation of New Netherland. He married (1) Marritje Snyderken (Marritje Satyrs) before 1671 in Harlem, New York. Her father was Jan Snyderken - a shoemaker and another early settler of Harlem. Marritje died about 1672 in Harlem, New York.

  1. William Duyts, born on Staten Island, New York around 1666

  2. Isaac Duyts born around 1666 on Staten Island, New York

  3. James/Jeams Hans Duyts was born about December 31, 1671 on Staten Island, New York and he died around 1745 in Macheponix

    He married (1) Margaret Dey on August 3, 1699. She was born about 1685 in Kings, New York and her father is listed as a John Dey (?). She died around 1714. He married (2) Mary Molenar.

  4. Catherine Duyts born on June 13, 1674, Staten Island. She married Joost Pauling about 1688, During the Revolutionary War Joost captured the famous spy Captain Andre. As a reward, Joost and his two buddies received large land grants from the government. Paulding, VanWert, and Williams - three counties worth in Ohio.

    Around 1675 Hans Duyts married (2) Jannetje Jurians and two children are recorded:

  5. Laurens Dey ?

  6. Richard Dey was born about 1678 and he resided in Essix County, New Jersey.

    In 1677, Hans Duyts acquired 80 acres in the New Dorp section of Staten Island by patent, which later passed to his son Jeams/James. It adjoined the property of Antoine Fountaine. Antoine Fontaine married Sarah Hance Vincent before 1680. He was born in France and his parents are not known. Antoine died about 1686 in Staten Island, New York. Antoine Fountaine and Sara Hance had 2 children:

      (1)Vincent Fontaine {921}, born 1680 in Staten Island, New York, died 1732 in Staten Island, New York, at the age of 52.

      (2) Elisabeth [___?___] born about 1682, died after 22 May 1700 in Richmond County, New York.

    Hans Laurens married (3) Sarah Hance Vincent Fountaine about 1686. She was born before 1660 in New York, the daughter of John Vincent and Suzanna Blaise She died about 1740.. [Perhaps the common Dye-family name, Vincent, comes from John Vincent.]

    They had at least 1 child.

  7. John Laurens Dey who was born about 1680 in Staten Island, New York and died before March 8, 1750/51 in Machaponix, Middlesex, New Jersey.

Is the figure to the right the "mark" of Hans Duyts?

Hans Laurens was selected as Collector for Richmond Co, Staten Island, New York on April 1 1699; and served a second term in 1702. He was appointed Assessor of Richmond County, Fourth Division on April 1 1703 with Vincent Fountain (step-son). 1706 census of Staten Island, Hans Laurence, aged 63; wife Sara Hance. James Hance aged 35; John Hans, Mary, Elizabeth, Sara Catherine, Anna & Lydia.

A National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Dec 1957, Vol 45 No 4. pg 130-131, summary mentions many 'possible' and 'may be' connections between Dey/Dye families on Staten Island and in New Jersey. It is often cited as the source for the maiden name Vincent, although it mentions this only as a possibility.

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