Computers & Geosciences Survey #2

Special Issues

This survey is designed to sample the opinions of the readers of Computers&Geosciences.  In particular, we are interested in content and what the readers would like to see featured in the near future.  

Please take a few minutes to fill out the following form. Thanks for sharing your opinions with the editorial advisory board of C&G.

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  6. How many times did you use the IAMG FTP site last year?

    C&G has sponsored a number of special issues in the past two years and have several scheduled for publication in the future.

  7. In general, do you support issues focused on a special topic (Y/N)

  8. Would four (4) special issues per year (out of 10) be to many? (Y/N)

  9. Name a content area ideally suited for a special issue :

  10. Name a content area for which you might serve as the coordinator

  11. Please comment on any aspect of C&G that you feel we should be aware of.

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