An Introduction To Internet-Based Sciences and Mathematics Resources

The best way to begin to explore the potential of the Internet is to see what your colleagues are doing in their courses. A good starting point for such an exploration is the World Lecture Hall listings.

DisciplineNumber of Listings
Biochemistry 13
Biology & Botany 58
Chemistry 51
Computer Science 137
Geography 17
Geosciences 36
Mathematics 28
Physics 52
World Lecture Hall 392

In the table that follows links to department home pages are provided for Science and Mathematics Departments. Many departments now provide a link to Internet-based course resources on their home page. Searching home pages is one way to see how your colleagues are using these resouces in their courses.

DisciplineLink(s) To Department Home Pages
Life Sciences Life Science Departments
Chemistry Chemistry Departments
Teaching Chemistry on the World Wide Web
Chemistry on the WWW
Computer Science Computer Science Departments
Geography World Wide List of Geography Courses
Geosciences Geoscience Departments with WWW Home Pages
International List of WWW Home Pages
Mathematics Mathematics Departments
Mathematics Internet Servers
Calculus Courses and Resources
PhysicsPhysics Departments Worldwide
Physics Around the WORLD

I have searched the Internet looking for meta lists which seem to primarily fall in the domain of a science or mathematics discipline. Again,there is a good chance that I missed one that you think is really a great resource.

DisciplineLink(s) Meta Lists
Life Sciences BioChem Net
Biology on the World Wide Web
EDU2 Biology Resources
Sci.Ed Biology
Chemistry Chemistry Teaching Resources
EDU2 Chemistry Resources
Sci.ED Chemistry
Computer Science Computer Science Internet Links
Computer Science Resources
Geography EDU2 -- Geography Resources
Geography Resources
Geosciences Earth Science Resources
EDU2 - Geology
SciEd Earth Science
Useful Links for Geomorphologists
Mathematics Calculus Resources On-Line
the MATH Forum
EDU2 -- Mathematics Resources
Mathematical Resources
Sci.Ed -- Mathematics
Statistics Resources
Physics EDU2 -- Physics Internet Resources
Sci.Ed -- Physics
the Virtual Laboratory [Java Applets]

I think of the following resources as falling into categories that often cut across discipline boundaries. Again, I am probably omitting some that you feel are particularly useful.

Analytical Resources

Data Sources


Field Trips


Laboratory Exercises

Poster Sessions

Student Projects

I am amazed at the quality of some of the material that is yours for the linking. Although the very nature of the Internet precludes ever finishing off even one of these categories, you will probably adopt some strategy for trying to keep track of new resources.

I have expanded each of the above categories to include resources that I think have a high utility. Obviously, I probably missed your favorite. I view this as an error of omission, not commission. If you have a resource that you would like to share please send it to me at

June 1, 1999

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