Geoscience Resources Java Applets for the Geosciences

"Just Another Vague Acronym" -- JAVA

  1. Gravity Modeling Over A Tunnel - This is a great first stop to get an idea of the power of Java Applets. Keep in mind that this is just one resource in a great course page at the Colorado School of Mines.

  2. Perform a dice rolling experiment to study the Central Limit Theorem.

  3. Crystallography and Mineralogy - The links below are designed to help the "spatially challenged" understand the shapes and symmetry of crystallography. Lots of different topics may be covered, and the content may be somewhat chaotic, but we think you will find it all informative.

  4. The Geophysics Department at Clauthal publishes JAVA applets for learning purposes. The applets simulate Geophysical Experiments and are used for teaching at the department. The following applets are available: Seismometer Demonstration - Seismometer Calibration -- 2D-Magnetics

  5. This Histogram of eruption times for Old Faithful allows the user to change the bin width by dragging the icon beneath the histogram.

  6. Javascript for Science Courses [Stephan Krumm, Geology Department Erlangen, Germany]

  7. Java Resources from the University of British Columbia

  8. JARS - Science Applets

  9. Seismology and 2-D Magnetics

  10. Virtual Crystallographic Calculators [Stephan Krumm, Geology Department Erlangen, Germany]

  11. the Virtual Laboratory
    [Johns Hopkines, Diffusion, Drilling for Oil, Heat Transfer and others]

June 1, 1999