Successes in Creating Multimedia-Assisted Learning Environments

The Sage on the Stage Versus the Guide on the Side --

Yet Another Divide to Cross

Papers Presented at the Denver Meetings of the Geological Society of America - October 27, 1999

Wednesday Morning, October 27, 1999
30 Minute Sessions Starting at 8:00 AM
  1. David McConnell -- The Good Earth: Aligning Web-based Teaching Strategies with Introductory Geology Courses

  2. Douglas Yarger -- Learning to Teach While Learning to Learn : Reaping the Benefits of Investing in Tomorrow's Teachers

  3. Janis Treworgy, Robert C. Vaiden, and Michael Chrzastowski -- Effective Teaching Styles and Media Used with K-12 Teachers in Illinois

  4. Nancy Vanwagoner and Kevin Deveau -- Becoming the Guide on the Side

  5. Glenn W. Blaylock and Eric Christiansen -- Petroglyph : An Interactive Program for Teaching Petrography

  6. John F. Stamm and Gary A. Novak -- Geology Labs On-Line : Developing Interactive Exercises for the Internet

  7. Michael R. Taber and Daniel C. Edelson, Duane Griffin, and Matthew Brown -- Scientific Visualization of Data as a Tool for Assisting Students in Developing Meaningful Relationships Among Complex Variables

  8. Larry Mayer -- Assessing the Impact of Web-Based Multimedia Enhanced Instruction on Learning in Introductory Geology Courses

Wednesday Afternoon, October 27, 1999
15 Minute Sessions Starting at 1:30 PM

  1. John W. F. Waldron -- Animating Delivery in the Classroom and on the Web : Teching Web-Based and Web-Supported Courses in Introductory and Structural Geology

  2. Scott S. Hughes -- Idaho Virtual Campus : Using the Internet to Discover New Techniques in Geology Education

  3. Bruce Blackerby -- REO GEO : An Asynchronous Multi-Media Distance Learning Course in College-Level Physical Geology for High School Juniors and Seniors

  4. Discussion

  5. Susan Kieffer, Cyndy Woods, and Mahn-Ling Woo -- "Scientist Sue" : Using Multimedia Tools to Change the Wat At-Risk Students View Science

  6. Kevin F. Downing -- Virtual Paleontology : A Web-Based Course for Undergraduates

  7. Robert B. Jorstad -- The Park Stratigraphy Page : A Progress Report

  8. Discussion

  9. Janette M. Piemonte, Christopher D. Condit, Thomas Murray, and Samia Kahn -- Tectonica Interactive : Methods and Techniques for Presenting a Web-Based, Multimedia, Geologic Tutorial

  10. Leslie Kanat, Stuart Burnbaum, Ed Geary, Ellen Lyon, and Alan Morris -- Geoscience Education Through Interactive Technology : Using Multimedia to Provide Experiental Learning in a Single-Computer Classroom

  11. John C. Butler -- Increasing the Frequency of Experimentation in Introductory Geoscience Courses

  12. Discussion
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