Creating Learning Environments with the Internet and Multimedia

Papers Presented at the Toronto Meetings of the Geological Society of America - October 29, 1998

Links to the GSA Abstracts are given for each presentation at the Theme Session. Contributors were given the opportunity to add links to related resources.

  1. Yarger, Douglas and others -- The first five years of creating web-based learning environments

  2. Taber, Michael and others -- A resource for web-based constructivism in practive

  3. Levine, Norman -- Successful Internet augmented teaching in the Geosciences at Bowling Green State University

  4. Fances, Julian -- Multimedia lectures - A comparison of techniques

  5. Sethi, Parvinder -- From conception to completion: Core competencies for infusing advanced CD-rom tgehcnologies in Geoscience education

  6. Ruthven, Carol -- Build it and they will come: Creating an Earth Science education network

  7. Schiappa, Tamra-- A case study: Earth System Science as an Internet course

  8. McConnell, David -- Creating a web-based learning environment for introductory Geology courses

  9. Huff, Warren -- Individual effort - Collective Acheivement: How are colleges and universities reacting to the growing use of information technology (IT)

  10. Johnson, Clark and others -- Three-dimensional visualization in Geology: Approaches and piitfalls at the high- and low-ends

  11. Brown, Phil and others -- Appplication of three-dimensional visualization in undergraduate Geology courses: Illustration of topography, bathymetry, and geology

  12. Slater, Timothy -- Studying the sun in real-time with satellites: The Yohkoh public outreach project

  13. Reed, Donald and others -- Restructuring the classroom: Oceanography delivered locally and at a distance

  14. Brassell, Simon -- Web resources as the basis for exercises in an introductory oceanography course for non-science majors

  15. MacKenzie, Don and others -- Integrating fully interactive assessments with web resources: A flexible learning environment for students and an easier life for academics?

  16. Slattery, William and others -- Priming the pump: Providing interactive interdisciplinary Earth Systems activities for K-12 classrooms via the Internet

  17. Rigsby, Catherine -- Using real-time Internet discussion sessions in an upper division sedimentology course to promote focused discussion and build on concepts explorted in activity-based projects

  18. Suthren, Roger and others -- Virutal rocks, minerals and fossils for the web: The colour scanner as an effective, cheap tool for direct imaging of geological materials

  19. Mann, Keith -- Darwinian evolution using multimedia

  20. Lamberson, Michelle and others -- Delivering and administering an undergraduate research project on the web

  21. Saini-Eidukat, Bernie and others -- Text-based implementation of the geology explorer, a multi-user role-playing virtual world to enhance learning of geological problem solving

  22. Roggenthen, William -- Multimedia training support for an introductory geophysical course

  23. Gore, Pamela -- Georgia Geoscience online: Historical geology lab manual

  24. Jorstad, Robert and others -- A virtual field trip stop at Rock Branch conservation area, Clark County, Illinois

  25. Harder, Vicki -- The digital classroom: What students think

  26. Butler, John -- Rethinking expectations (III)

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