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Some of the following resources are restricted to faculty at a campus whereas others are for general use. The intent is to give the reader a snapshot of what others are doing to facilitate the incorporation of Internet resources in the creation of a learning environment.

  1. Active Learning - Journal
    [Computers in Teaching Initiative - CTI, UK]

  2. Active Learning on the Web
    [San Diego State University]

  3. Bryn Mawr Workshop
    [A Digital Media Workshop]

  4. Collaborative Visualization
    [COVIS, Northwestern University]

  5. www Course Tools
    [WEBCT, University of British Columbia]

  6. dMd Design
    [D. Miller, Stanford, many multimedia ideas]

  7. Earth & Ocean Sciences Educational Resources
    [University of British Columbia]

  8. Earth Science Learning Web
    [Northwestern, visualization tools]

  9. Earth System Science Center
    [ESS, Pennsylvania State University]

  10. Electronic University Project - Geology
    [University of Oregon]

  11. Geological Society of the UK
    [Resources for Schools]

  12. GeoLogic Terra Nova
    [University of Bristol]

  13. GIS Multimedia Workshop
    [University of Nebraska, Omaha]

  14. Internet Field Trip Exercises
    [a set of Internet-based exercises designed for a freshman geology course]

  15. Technology Tools
    [for Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning, UNC]

  16. UCLA Science Center
    [promotion of use of computers in physical science courses]

  17. the UH Moles
    [University of Houston]

  18. Virtual Classroom Interface
    [VCI, University of Illinois]

  19. Visualizing Earth
    [UC San Diego]

  20. Windows to the Universe
    [University of Michigan]

Last Updated on June 1, 1999

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