Geoscience Software Resources on the Web

  • Artficial Life - References and Software

    1. Artificial Life Online - MIT Press
    2. Artificial Life Software for the Macintosh

  • General Software of Interest To Mathematical Geologists

    1. Archieves for Graphics Software and Databases
    2. Australian Mining Software Catalog
    3. Art Busbey's Macintosh Software List
    4. Biomathematics
    5. Chemistry Software
    6. Computer Oriented Geological Society [COGS] Software
    7. Dave Watson's Spatial Interpolation Software
    8. Dino Russ's Software List
    9. Developing Software for Earth Scientists
    10. EPA Software and Databases
    11. Earth Resources Lab (MIT) Software
    12. Geologically Related Software List
    13. Geostatistical and Petroleum Related
    14. Kansas Geological Survey
    15. Mineralogical Software
    16. Scott Software Repository
    17. Soft Earth (P. Ingram)
    18. Statistical Analysis of Natural resource Data [SAND]
    19. Steven Schimmrich's (Illinois) Structural Geology Home Page
    20. Thermodynamic Software (T. Gordon)
    21. Yvan Pannatier's (Lausanne) Geostatistical Software for the PC
    22. Very Low Grade Metamorphic Software Repository

  • Internet Tools

    1. John December's Internet Tools

  • Links To Modeling Resources

    1. ADEPT (A Program for Aquifer Data Evaluation) by C.H.E.S.S., Inc.
    2. CEAM (EPA) - Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling - Links
    3. CSIRO EM DataModel and GeoEditor
    4. Groundwater : Flow and Transport Modeling
    5. Edwards Aquifer (Texas) Research Center
    6. Physical Modeling : Giovanni Guglielmo Jr.
    7. Spatially Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

  • Links To Seismic Software

    1. Geophysical Software at HARC
    2. Outrider Geophysical Software
    3. Shell Crustal Imaging Facility (U. Oklahoma)

    Since September 1, 1996

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